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Second Chance Fashion 501c3 Inc. a non-profit organization established by Almira Wilson in 2017. Our company started out using the vehicle of fashion to teach the youth and the less fortunate to learn the full product life cycle in becoming entrepreneurs. In the process of meeting all walks of life, our company has expanded to multiple industries in the vocational setting. Second Chance Fashion has extended our reach to (F.A.S.H.I.O.N) Fashion/Fine Arts, Social Media Science, Humanitarian Aid, International Trade, Orphanage Support, and New Aged Manufacturing. This will allow our scope to open doors to teach and offer our students a variety of careers to choose from.

Second Chance F.A.S.H.I.O.N 501c3, Inc. is committed to supporting young adults and orphans in quality education, providing jobs to the countries college graduates, a youth paid apprenticeship program, offering the less fortunate affordable housing, and to support sustainable economic development.


In addition, our CEO was lead by God to create a Fashion Stem Vocational/Apprenticeship program for Young Adults, Women, and Men who want to find their gifts/talents within the Fashion/Home Goods Industry in Sierra Leone.



Founder and CEO

Almira Léonché Batu Daramy is a 1st generation Sierra Leonean-American born in Washington, DC on February 18th, 1979.

She is a child of God, devoted single mother of four children, and a humanitarian also known as “Almira the Purpose Pusher”. Ms. Daramy is most influential in leading others to find their purpose in life and has advocated for many needing support. A true Creative at heart, Almira was born with many talents including but not limited to: Fashion Designing, African Do It Yourself “DIY” Projects, Media Personality, Lifestyle Influencer, Fine Arts Teacher, Inventor of Canvas Runway, and Cyber Security Analyst.

Along life’s journey, Almira has come across other creative’s that struggled like herself in finding their true calling. She finally realized that she had been that purpose pusher for others since her youth. Not only is she a Change Agent in creating fun activities to cultivate the minds of those younger than her, but she is a Social Activist who seeks for solutions to develop a more productive environment, for those who want to become the best version of themselves.

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